Room Update


I conveniently remembered that I had pink and black paint (unopened!) in my craft storage… So this weekend I jumped on painting my walls!


Finding my Muse.


About a month ago I decided to completely rid myself of social media.  I’m sure people who see me are tired of hearing me say “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t hear about [insert stupid thing here]. I got rid of my social media.” It started out with me getting rid of just facebook… but then I realized I really didn’t need my instagram or my twitter either. I’d really rather not live the rest of my life buried into a screen when there is so much wonderful and beautiful things to see out there other than that.

It’s been great.  Honestly.  I’ve been focusing on refinding myself and my balance.  I’m meditating again. I’m attempting to get back in the habit of working out. I’m drinking less. I’m less angry. I’m less stressed. I’m finding my spirituality back and that in itself is helping ground me more than anything.  (I say spirituality… I don’t have religion per say)

On top of that, I’ve seemed to find my spark to create back which I haven’t had in a very long time. I desperately needed a place to sit and unwind that is really mine.  I have an office that I just kind of throw shit in. I never really decorated it to its full potential.. But that’s changing.  I tend to like chaos and clutter and things. Lots of things in random places. I want it to be a place I can go to meditate or to write or to study and just be.  I have two walls done.  I need to buy some furniture for the rest of the room though to complete it. And some paint.  I’m going to paint a mural on one of the walls and the other wall I think I want to paint an accent color. A bright fucking pink. (I have pink accents already in other parts of the room.

I also made a little altar. 95% of the things in the altar are handmade or repurposed.

I’m making this post from my little reading nook while listening to some tasty tunes.  And I have to say, It is serving it’s purpose very well. It’s full of energy and creativity and I honestly cannot wait until I finish up the entire room. But… I’ll have to wait for that till closer to Christmas. Redoing this room is my Christmas gift to myself and we’re still saving up money for it. /sigh… but at least I’ll have time to plan and do it the right way.  I’m sure between now and then everything will change. ha ha. But I will definitely post an update once I’m done.

Until then,
Blessed be!

Emma Milam art show


The hurricane here threw a lot of things out of whack.  The Tuesday after Harvey hit my bosses daughter was supposed to have her first art show combined with a little birthday party… sadly enough it got canceled.  I completely forgot about it until today when my other boss reminded me about it.  My husband and I decided we would make the trek across town to go check it out.  I hate people, but I love supporting budding artists.  This particular gallery took place at the Victoria Art League. They are doing a new artist every week for an entire year, a lot of whom are younger or unknown artists.  I don’t see eye to eye with everything the art league does but this is a really cool concept. I love it when people give local artists young or old a shot to show off their skills.

When we showed up there were 4 boards that Emma’s art was shown on and the concept for the gallery was seriously the coolest ever.  She is a freshmen in high school right now but has been painting since before she could walk.  Every board showed  a different year of her life and the art she created that year.  You can see her progression as an artist.  And I have to say her skill level for her age is immaculate.  To top that off she is a very smart young lady.  I’m very glad we were able to go and support her and her skills.


New Sunglasses


me.jpgI fell in love with this pair of sunglasses online.  They were the cat eye style I had been really wanting and they had these little spiderwebs on the corners and i thought it was seriously the coolest thing ever.  And then…. I looked at the price.  14.99. Not terrible.  Tim said I could get them and I was so excited!  So I go to check out and with shipping they end up being around 25.00.  I go through about a pair of sunglasses every few months by either losing them or breaking them and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for something I was probably going to screw up in just a few weeks anyway because I suck.


So I’m like how hard could it possibly be to make a similar pair myself?  I had been eyeing a pair similar on Amazon that were only 5.00 and free shipping.  So I ordered the glasses.  I played around with a few different types of paint… but in the end I ended up using simple nail polish.  The white is LA Colors Color Last.  Once it dried I put the hardener clear coat on top of it.  So far it seems like it has sealed itself pretty well to the plastic frames.

sunglasses.jpgAs an added bonus… I remembered I had some really rad bat stickers so I changed up my phone case.  I’m not sure how long they will stick but so far so good!

Honestly, I am loving these sunglasses so hard right now.

Halloween Flyer


I get asked to do a lot of flyers for friends who throw shows.  I really don’t mind doing it, but sometimes I run out of ideas and they need the flyer quick.  When that happens my go to thing to do is do a template search on google and sometimes you can find some really cool stuff that you can edit to your needs.  With that said, I cannot take credit for this flyer, but it’s a rad layout and I wanted to share it with you guys.  You can download the template here.


Superhero Cats


They say when your lacking inspiration to use things around you…. well.. lately i’ve only had my cats and beer… and currently I’m out of beer.

So I decided to make my cat Stagger Lee Danger a star.  He’s a guitar player in a punk band.

I started with this photo….


And with a few minor changes….


Apparently he also likes to fly through the stars on his magic turtle…